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Prague is one of the largest, diverse, and beautiful cities of the Czech Republic. It is located in the north-west of the Vultava River having an area of 496km ². The city was founded in the 9th century and has enjoyed almost 1,100 year existence. Prague is home of many cultural values and political backgrounds; there are many worth seeing buildings and museums built by infamous architectures. Many buildings survived the violence of World War 1, and post-war Communist Era have been withstood for ages. There are many old buildings, which are major tourist’s attraction and bring around million visitors every month. The beautiful attractions are as follows; old town square, Prague castle, Vultava River, Havel’s market, Charles Bridge, and The Old-New Synagogue. if you want to know more about this city keep surfing our website. Prague Nightlife is one of best City Attractions for young tourists that look for fun. Other Famous things are Kransky Sausages, Czech Beer and pubs.
Prague has been a rich economic and political center. Therefore, is regarded as the major attraction for the tourists. Millions of visitors check in the city to explore more about its culture and varied styles of architectures. There are many high-class hotels in Prague to accommodate you throughout your tour. Whether you are seeking a nightlife entertainment or wish to surf the city with your families, you have plenty of services at your disposal to avail during your trip. In this section, we would be highlighting major hotels, which have been serving for ages to their guests and customers and offering them best deals out of their investment. You will come to find out more details about the hotels, resorts, and restaurant, which are second to none. Across city, you can find famous hotels like Hilton, Panorama Hotel, Corinthia Hotel, Intercontinental, Marriott, MoevenPick and more world known hotels. We will give our best to present you Hotels, Hostels, Apartments and all other kind of rooms for your stay in city!
Prague Castle is located at a walking distance of the Prague Zoo and Museum, boasts of the rich cultural architecture of Prague. Being one of the biggest castles in the world, Prague Castle is incorporated with many historical building, palaces, gardens, museums, and churches, showcasing diverse architectural styles and creations from different times in the history. There is much more to explore in there that you have ever thought of- walking through the castle you would be witnessing the beauty of this masterpiece survived through World Wars to exhibit the real culture of the city. Vast grounds are littered all over the Prague castle. Some of them were built in the 19th centuries. Prague Castle include Gothic Catedrals, Monasteries and Several Palaces, gardens and defense towers. Most of those are open to public and tourists. Castle also have couple museums including National Gallery.